"For every hill I've had to climb..............
For all the blood and sweat and grime..............
My heart sings but a grateful song..............
There were the things that made me strong"

The above lines carry a deeper meaning than the written. "A Challenge can be viewed as climbing a hill. Going up the hill requires desire, determination & dedication. Along the way there may be unexpected obstacles.

About Us
Our Mission & Vision
To develop the students – Physically, Intellectually, Emotionally, Spiritually and Psychologically by giving persuasive value and quality education. To make them responsible citizen, so that they can think Globally and act Locally.
The Pre-primary and Primary wings of Arpana convent School have been innovatively designed to provide home-like atmosphere for imparting education under Montessori System and activity based learning program. It is recognized that the age from 2-6 years is the most impressionable period of child's growth.
Vidhya Mandir Vidhyalay is therefore have the teachers oriented in value education with Why? What? & How? of EHV. The School library has adequate resource material available concerning value education. The school pays special attention to nurture among teachers and students the values like truth, peace, love, non-violence, tolerance and righteousness highlighted by all religions and philosophies.